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500 Words pieces

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Communing with angels in the heart of the UK

2003 we had a fire. We were living in a farmhouse at the time in Portugal. No running water and no electricity. Hence candlelight, hence fire. Seven acres of forest with a baby boy. I was ready to run baby in my arms. Luckily a partner (ex-Navy) with the nouse and wherewithal to put the fire out but the place unliveable. So, all things said and done we returned to Blighty. That’s after driving away down the very bumpy track and knocking our oil sump out of the Astra only to arrive at a cold hotel covered in black soot. Very stressful to say the least. Having sold up our flat in Edinburgh we were now homeless. So, we know someone in Hebden Bridge! Partner’s ex-wife is living in Hebden and thinks we will like it. Thinks we’ll fit in. We remember visiting once before, drinking in the Nutclough Inn and driving through a weird cobbled, film-set of a place called Heptonstall. She offers us a room and says we can come stay until we decide what to do next. 6 years later we’re still here albeit for some bobbing back and forth to Portugal. One thing I remember most about arriving here was telling our story to a lady who works in the library and how stressed I had been. All she said was that I was living an exciting life and that all she’d ever done was work in the library. I suppose it did make me feel better. So, 6 years now of learning complimentary therapies, meditating, being mum, going to the art college, walking in the trees and on the moors, cycling along the canal, finding bits of broken crockery in the river for mosaic-making, picking bilberries, blackberries and rosehips, writing and reading poetry outloud, singing in choirs or by myself, painting paintings, chalk drawing on the pavement, going to storytelling, gigs, festivals, 5 rhythms dance, yoga and communing with angels in the heart of the UK.

In the spar things are cheap
You know exactly where the kitkats are
And the blue bottle of Thunder cider
In Oasis things are open late
You can buy an aubergine
Or a pot of cottage cheese
In the co-op things are on promotion
Lazy chairs for the sun?
Packs of crumpets two for 50p
In the Oxfam trendy shoes are on offer
At Overgate things are now in a colour theme
There are silver high heel boots in the window at Shelter
Too big for you though
The Pink Crocodile has a closing down sale
The girl who works in the Old Treehouse is moving
Peaches café is still closed
If you want a 99p double chocolate cone
Queue outside the back of Copa house
Between the Indian and what used to be the bike shop
Head to Albert Street for ribbon or pots
Crown Street for bread, eggs, shallots,
Bridgegate for vitamins and umbrellas
Market Street for babyslings and soap
The canal for tea and ginger cake

Julie Rose Clark